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With so much information available on the web today, we figured it best to provide a place where information of all types is available.

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This post will include articles from independent publications, newspapers, the government, websites, major corporations and other sources.

We are including these articles to help educate everyone about various ingredients, hype, industry buzz and whatever else we can find.

At CUBA, we are all from the beverage business in one form or another, and are providing this data for educational purposes.

Industry Buzz
Cadbury Schweppes face lawsuit over “All Natural 7Up”
Chasing Down Obesity
Red Bull Lobbies Turkey on Ban
Benzene in the News
Benzene in Soft Drinks – You may be at risk.
Benzene in Soft Drinks and Leukaemia
Benzene Levels in Drink Products – Table 1A
Benzene Soda Study – How it will effect the Consumer, You!
Benzene Soda Study Data
Coca Cola Agrees to get Benzene out of soda
FDA Names & Shames – Benzene
Soft Drink Firms settle in Benzene Lawsuit
Soft Drink Industry pledges to tackle Benzene
News Bureau Articles
Energy Drinks – Should Kids? Should Anyone?
Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?
Energy Drinks May NOT Beat Sleepiness…
FDA Urged to Stop Claims of Energy Drinks
Energy Drinks in General
Ephedra & Energy Drinks on Campus
Medical Experts Warn of Hype
Energy Drinks Pose Risks
FAQ on Caffeine – Nutrition AU
Local Teens Test Energy Drinks
General Publications
Big Alcohol & Crossover Branding
Children Should Avoid Energy Drinks.
Caffeine Stoked Energy Drinks – Doctors Worry
Energy Drinks Bubble Up.
Energy Drinks Over-Energized?
Red Bull or Load of Bull?
Government Agencies
Safe Use of Energy Drinks

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